Crafting Excellence

Bitto, in addition to excelling in fur production, provides comprehensive consultancy for crafting high-quality products. With considerable experience, Bitto proves to be an irreplaceable partner in the sector and product development process.

Featuring a 360-degree atelier, Bitto stands out for innovative solutions combined with expertise in design and craftsmanship.

Clients are given the opportunity to refine their products with a focus on design, ensuring holistic consultancy covering the entire production cycle, from concept to final realisation, all within a single company.

The commitment goes beyond the selection of materials such as cashmere, fur, leather, and silk.

These materials are modified and perfected in unique productions based on customer requests, always maintaining the high quality that distinguishes Bitto. The company’s expertise and understanding of ethics materials position Bitto as an industry expert.

Bitto Values

Product Consultation

The consultative role that Bitto takes as soon as a product is developed is of high importance.

Bitto sees itself as an expert in its field and supports its clientele holistically, so that reliability and trust can be built. Especially in the high-end segment like fashion, it is important not only to carry out work processes but also to develop them together, in order to achieve the best possible result. The context of “consulting” therefore takes on a further, important role in the pay-off.

Product Making

The ‘Made in Italy’ label is still a seal of quality that represents the highest standards.

There are various elements that distinguish Bitto’s uniqueness, such as premium material sources, understanding of design, ethical responsibility, a passion for fashion and a holistic production process. An important note should be made of the mindset, as each product and each work step is made with awareness. This approach to how products are made, with complete precision and care, is an important part of the pay-off.

"Made in Italy" quality seal

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360° Product Atelier

High-end Manufacturer

Material Expert

Ethical approach

Bitto strongly pursues an ethical concept throughout all stages of the production cycle, creating value not only through products but also through ethical and responsible practices.

In addition to carefully monitoring production, Bitto actively collaborates with suppliers to promote the adoption of sustainable practices. Bitto encourages its partners to pursue climate neutrality for the products supplied, engaging in a rigorous process of measurement, reduction, and offsetting.

This commitment not only reflects dedication to the environment but also adds value to operations, contributing to shaping a sustainable and responsible future.