About Us

The Dialogue Of Craft

In the heart of Milan's fur industry, Bitto's story intertwines with the authentic passion of Gaetano Bitto, the founder who embarked on his journey as a leather representative in the '50s.


For Bitto, the ‘Made in Italy‘ label is a seal of quality, embodying the highest standards.

With a deep passion for fashion, the company focuses on sources of top-quality materials and is dedicated to ethical responsibility.

The work is based on a profound understanding of fashion design and the holistic production process, where each product and work phase come to life consciously. Bitto’s atelier is consistently committed to creating pieces of exceptional quality, designed to remain relevant not only today but also for decades to come.

Who we are

His dedication imparted invaluable knowledge to his three sons, Dario, Massimo, and Paolo, who established their fur workshop thirty years later.

Since 2000, Bitto has forged strong collaborations with the most prestigious brands in the luxury landscape, taking the art of fur craftsmanship to new heights of excellence. Located in the industrial area of Milan in Rho, Bitto S.r.l. has been crafting fur clothing and accessories since 1980, maintaining over 30 years of leadership in the industry, thanks to the expertise of approximately 50 artisans.

Every Bitto creation is the result of meticulous handmade art, from the cutting of the pelts to the skilled hands of seamstresses in the bespoke workshop. Traditional craftsmanship converges with innovative manufacturing methods, giving life to exclusive, refined, and sought-after pieces that epitomise Italian excellence in the world of fur.

Bitto’s narrative, etched into the very skins it sculpts, unfolds as a captivating journey through the realms of passion, dedication, and innovation that set Bitto apart. We welcome you to step into the world of Bitto, where each creation becomes a testament to the authentic artistry of Italian craftsmanship, through the dialogue of craft.