Company Profile

Bitto srl


Artisan furriers since 1980.

Excellence in the handmade manufacturing of leathers, continuous innovation and passion.

These are the values on which is based Bitto srl, that realises italian high end fur garments from 30 years.



Our history starts even back in time. It’s in the 50s when Gaetano Bitto starts his activity as salesman of leathers. His business and relational ability allows him to insert his sons in a fur workshop in Milan, where they acquire a solid knowledge of handmade techniques, of the feature and quality of the skins. An exclusive know how of the best italian manufacturing tradition.

The working maturity arrives in the Eighties, when Dario, Massimo and Paolo, strong of their experience, establish the fur coats shop Fratelli Bitto near Milan, which sews and selles refined fur garment to private clientele.



In the earliest years of the New Millenium, the three brothers expand their productive target. Essential collaborations with the most prestigious fashion brands start, with whom Bitto’s company begins a synergistic relationship, making available their manufacturing experience and following the entire item’s productive process, in order to produce excellent and stylish fur articles, appreciated all over the world.

Today, the little workshop Fratelli Bitto changes his name in Bitto Srl. A prosperous company which has never changed his attachment to artisan fur labor.