Standard SA8000


By pursuing a development enterprise that can satisfy the needs of the present and at the same time not compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy their own needs;
BITTO S.R.L pursues its business purposes preserving the respect of the following inalienable principles:
– Human Rights which are universally recognized;
– Ethic principles and social responsibility which are universally recognized and specifically relating to the working context;
– Respect of the environment;
– Respect of the principles concerning Job Security.

In accordance with the SA8000:2014, the respect and the compliance of the following aspects is pursued:
• Child Labor (ban)
• Forced Labor (ban)
• Health and Safety
• Freedom of association and right collective bargaining
• Discrimination (ban)
• Disciplinary procedures
• Working Hours
• Compensation policies

For this reason the management has:
– Representative, a Social Performance Team who’s able to monitor and to allow the satisfaction of the requisites related to Social Responsibility (SA8000:2014);
– Defined the procedures that guarantee the principles sanctioned as inalienable;
– Implemented devices to prevent accidents on workplace.

BITTO S.R.L., with this document, declares its Business Policy concerning ethic and social responsibility found consistently on economic legitimacies achieved by the results of the financial and manufacturing management and by the social recognition of every interested party which operates inside and outside the Organization. 09/10/2019