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Bitto srl realises high end fur coats and accessories, matched to items in cashmere and in other high quality textiles.


The labor starts selecting the rough material: leathers, of extreme kind purchased by us directly from the best international auctions. Our concern is to work not only with material of high traits, but also safe. That’s why every fur we utilize is tanned and dyed exclusively in italian dressers, leaders of the sector, then is subjected to every toxicological test in order to garantee the absolutely safety of the final product.


All our creations arise from a handmade manufacturing of the leathers. Assets of the company are our workshops. Here the fur is handled with the most careful artisan techniques by our expert cutters, always devoted to manual tradition and to innovation of manufacturing mode. The fur’s path continues in the dressmakers room, where is sewed up together by the experienced hands of our seamstresses; needle-and-thread give life to refined and dressy fur garments, a unique example of italian working excellence.